Push The Boat Out

by Steve Watson published May 19, 2014 11:33 AM, last modified May 19, 2014 11:33 AM
Push The Boat Out

Julian launching with brave experimentors

MSC runs PTBO as part of a nationwide RYA event.


MSC ran Push The Boat Out over the Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  The Saturday was simply hectic with junior training, pursuit racing, radio controlled yachts, an RYA power boat course, Birmingham Rowing Club, Birmingham City Council "Active Parks" initiative and the windsurfers of Birmingham University all happening around the same time.  The evening social bar was buzzing until reluctant closing time.  Sunday's activities saw the radio boats giving the backdrop to a gloriously sunny afternoon with a brisk wind enabling a steady through put of eager participants to try a sailing taster session.  The adventurous and diverse participants, about 40,  were drawn from around the city community but also from across Europe as residents and visitors of Birmingham enjoyed the thrill of a pacey sail across the Edgbaston Reservoir.  The Reservoir is probably the closest sailing venue to a major city centre anywhere is Europe, being about a mile and half from the Birmingham central station and shopping area,
The photo shows the launching of a training boat on the day with the city skyline of Birmingham's Broad street and Five Ways island.