Push the Boat Out 2018

RYA Push the Boat Out is all about getting out on the water and discovering sailing and windsurfing near you!

 Midland Sailing Club

Push the Boat out 2018

Push the boat out is a UK wide event that takes place each year and aims to give as many people across the country to experience sailing. 


Experienced sailors will give you a joy ride in one of our sailing boats.

You'll need to bring weather appropriate clothes - hopefully suncream rather than woolly hats but who knows? Wear comfortable clothes - not jeans, that don't mind getting wet such as leggings or walking trousers and shoes you don't mind getting wet - you'll need to step into the water to get into the boat.

Bring a change of clothes just in case. We will supply buoyancy aids. 

Refreshments will be available from the kitchen in the club house.

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RYA Push the Boat Out



The type of sailing dinghy we will be using is called a GP14 and you can find a video of one being sailed here. Of course as a beginner you will mostly be a passenger but you will need to move from one side of the boat to the other to balance the weight and to pull the ropes on the front triangular sail (called the jib). We won't use the foremost squarish sail shown in the video, they take a bit of practice. Also the sailors in the video are tipping the boat over as it changes direction - it's called roll tacking and keeps the boat going flat. We'll keep it nice and flat for beginners.


May 12, 2018
from 12:00 PM to 04:00 PM
: May 10, 2018 10:00 PM