A history of the club part 4. 1917-1930

A history of the club part 4. 1917-1930

Edgbaston reservoir 1930's

From 1919 until 1922 the Club prospered very well. Fortunately some photocopied extracts remain of the “Helm”, a forerunner of the Mainsheet, which was professionally printed just after the War. They give a fascinating insight to what the Club was like in 1921-2.

Just after the great War.

The Regatta was obviously quite something. But by 1923 the post-war boom was over. Membership numbers, energy and participation flagged. The original members were drifting away (L.B.Chatwin set out to be a founder member of Barnt Green), or becoming less mobile. The economic situation did not help and the boats were heavy, relatively expensive and kept on moorings (as shown in the postcard below).

Membership dropped to about 40 and stayed at that level until the 1930's. Racing still continued and an annual feature was a series of matches against Barnt Green and Sutton Sailing Clubs.

What would the 1930's bring?

Alan Birch.