Fantastic progress made during the work party on Saturday 22nd.

Fantastic  progress made during the work party on Saturday 22nd.

Working hard on Club clean up day

There was a great turn out for the club clean up day. Lovely sunshine and tea helped the workers along. Lots of clearing out was done and a big pile of stuff was removed from the shed.


There was really lots and lots of stuff in the shed...


lots of cleaning up was needed...


but now it's beautifully tidy...


Lots of sweeping and clearing was done (Douglas supervising)


 Hmm -  Lazaros tormenting the wildlife.


We cleared and swept the boat sheds, cleared the compound and tackled some of the undergrowth, swept under and around the stairs and sanded the doors on the container.

All the old bits from the shed has been piled outside near the bin. It will be left for 1 week only so if you had anything in the shed you might need please come and remove it.


Many thanks to (in alphabetical order so as not to give any indication of who might have done the most work....):

Lazaros Andronis

Douglas Bridger

Jenny Chen

Angela Daniels

Richard Dee

Phil Deeley

Keith Garrett

Nancy Gudgeon

Julian Harms

Jan Holland

Ben Holland

Cass Holland

Kevin Hopkins

Adam Maclean

Graham Maclean

Oliver Mason

Steve Nicolson

Chris Skelcher

Peter Storey

Dave Trott

Paull Turner




If I've forgotten anyone I do apologise. Let me know and I'll add your name.