New life from Old Sails

New life from Old Sails

Changing Sails. Julia Snowdin.

Julia Snowdin made some beautiful artwork from our old sails to celebrate the launch of the Tall Ship Regatta in Liverpool. Here are some photos of the pieces she created.

A few weeks ago we had a request for old sails from the artist Julia Snowdin. Many of us used the opportunity to pass on a few sails that had been lurking inside boats and garages (much to the relief of our better halves I expect). 

Julia expressed her surprise and gratitude at the number of donations. She was really pleased with the installation and said it was very popular. I think it looks wonderful.

The installation was used as a storytelling space and a space for families to do crafts together - origami boats as you can see in the photos. 

Julia is a full time artist and is looking for more old sails for other projects. If you have any that need a new home and a new leese of life let me know.


For more information see Julia's website.