Manager - Sail Birmingham Job Description

In February 2019 Midland Sailing Club launched its new community programme ‘Sail Birmingham.’ In the first
year it delivered a range of courses, group activity sessions and individual coaching sessions. Sail Birmingham
worked directly with Syrian Refugee families and a number of disabled groups and benefited from the
donation of four Access Dinghies from the RYA. It also ran sailing courses for two local secondary schools and
school holiday schemes.

In 2020, Midland Sailing Club is keen to build on the success of the first year and expand the activities that Sail
Birmingham undertakes. The Club is keen that it can respond quickly to opportunities but also be strategic in
its targeting.

Sail Birmingham is an integral part of Midland Sailing Club and enjoys strong support from Club members. The
Club has a number of qualified Instructors (AIs, DIs and SIs) who can assist on training courses and activity
days. The Club has a range of dinghies, safety boats and a disability access pontoon that are all available for
use, however there is a need to update and increase some equipment.

This post will develop, support and deliver sailing opportunities for young people and adults on Edgbaston
reservoir in Birmingham using the facilities and equipment of Midland Sailing Club. The post will help create a
model for participants to access sailing at any level and create the pathways that suit the participants’ interest.

The Objectives for the Manager under this contract are:
1. Achieve the participation and turnover numbers agreed with the Sail Birmingham Steering Group.
2. Achieve a high level of participant satisfaction, evidenced by the rate of repeat participation and/or
participant feedback both structured and informal. (Two sessions within one month will be taken as
evidence of repeat participation and the objective is a 50+% rate of repeat participation. Allowance
may be made for adverse weather conditions, although running alternative shore based sessions is
expected where appropriate.)
3. Encouraging participants to explore membership of Midland Sailing Club and working closely with
Midland Sailing Club members to develop suitable routes to club membership.
4. Maintain appropriate records on a timely basis and minimise administrative burden on Club
volunteers, in particular the Treasurer.
5. Work with Midland Sailing Club to develop a model for the 'centre' which will enable continued
operation and growth into the future.
6. Increase the capacity to deliver sailing activities through volunteer and hired (paid) Instructors.
7. Introduce Paddle-boarding and pilot a range of options for members of the public and Midland Sailing
Club members.

The location of the Manager ’s work shall be at Midland Sailing Club on Edgbaston Reservoir. Administrative
tasks can be carried out at the Manager’s home by prior agreement if requested.

The manager will be responsible for:
1. Developing and delivering sailing opportunities for people through Midland Sailing Club including Sail
Birmingham and establish programmes for target customer groups as agreed from time to time.
2. Developing and delivering daytime, evening and weekend sailing sessions both on the water and
shore-based, including School Holiday Schemes and School Sailing Sessions.
3. Developing and delivering the pilot programme to introduce older adults and people with physical
and learning disabilities to sailing (funded by Birmingham City Council). Ensure thorough record
keeping, including evaluations and contribute to a funding proposal for further funding.
4. Encouraging participants to explore membership of Midland Sailing Club and working closely with
Midland Sailing Club members to develop suitable routes to club membership.
5. Contributing to the delivery of RYA training courses in collaboration with Midland Sailing Club’s
Training Principal and Chief Instructor, including Powerboat courses.
6. Working with Midland Sailing Club to increase Club members’ volunteer support for sailing activities.
7. Developing a pool of experienced external Instructors who can be hired (and paid) for one-off
activities or longer courses.
8. Co-ordinating, overseeing, supporting and mentoring the Club’s instructors and volunteers.
9. Timely completion of administration associated to the role alongside the maintenance of good
10. Responding to all enquiries from individuals and groups in a timely manner, including website,
Facebook, e-mail, text and telephone enquiries.
11. Adhering to all applicable Midland Sailing Club and RYA policies and procedures, including
Safeguarding and incident reporting.
12. Monitoring forecast weather conditions, maintaining contingency plans and adjusting delivery as
required to maintain enjoyment and safe operation.
13. Maintaining equipment required for Sail Birmingham and ensuring parts, servicing and fuel
requirements are delivered. This will require working closely with the Club’s Boatswain who plays a
pivotal role in the Club.
14. Developing and maintaining the name and brands of Midland Sailing Club and Sail Birmingham
through high standards and good reputation.
15. Planning and delivering the website and all marketing communications to target customer groups.
16. Planning and delivering bespoke or focussed activities to broaden the appeal of sailing to young
people and adults from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities.
17. Reporting to the Steering Group on progress against plans including participation in regular meetings
to review Sail Birmingham and agree future actions.
18. Preparing and submitting grant applications to support the implementation of the Sail Birmingham

The Manager will be employed on a fixed term contract ending on 30th November 2020. This is a full time
It is the intention of Midland Sailing Club that Sail Birmingham will continue to be successful and grow. At the
end of the fixed term contract Sail Birmingham’s progress in 2020 will be reviewed and the Manager’s job
description and focus adjusted accordingly. However, there is a commitment from Midland Sailing Club that
the post holder would be integral to this review and continue in the role if the project continues.

Salary & Holiday
1. Salary of £24,000 per annum pro rata plus auto-enrollment pension with 3% contribution
2. 28 days holiday per annum pro rata including Bank Holidays. One week maximum to be taken
between 26th May and 5th September.
3. This post requires some weekend and weekday evening working and time off in lieu will be available.


This post is ideal for a Dinghy Senior Instructor hungry to grow into management.   Powerboat Instructor and SUP experience are desirable.   The successful candidate will be well organised, positive, adaptable and capable of quickly establishing rapport with clients.

Get in touch to express interest and ask questions:
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