Pirate Day

Pirate Captains Abi and Siobhan organised a fun-packed afternoon of sailing, games and a BBQ at the club on Sunday 6th July. Even though it rained a bit, it wasn't enough to dampen the spirits. Photos are now available in gallery too.

The Best Dressed Boat competition was won by Dave Trott, while the Best dressed pirate

competition was won by Paul Andrews.

While there wasn't any real winners from the ongoing water-fights, Iain probably ended up the wettest, having taken a major soaking from the shore battery, otherwise known as the boat-shed hose. The Treasure hunt winners were even generous enough to share their prizes too and although the raft-race was interrupted by rain (not that it stopped Nigel, Dave and crew) the BBQ soon warmed them up.

Indoor games included pass-the-parcel for the little ones (and some of the not-so-little ones too) and beating seven bells of stuff out of a foam crocodile to release the goodies inside.