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This is the new page for this class. Unfortunately nobody who sails it could be bothered to write about it, which must show what they really think.

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I'm the Class Captain of this class and I'm supposed to be it's champion within the club.  But I'm too busy /  too lazy /  too drunk to write a few paragraphs about it for the benefit of those who're considering experiencing the joys of our boat, or to find somebody else who will. It's not as if I even need to put it on the website as there are people willing to help with that.


Mickey Taker

Class Captain

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Class History at Midland Sailing Club

The Merlin/Enterprise/Other fleet has been sailing at the club since the dawn of time, back when members had to wear jacket and tie before entering the bar, half the members carried titles and letters after their names and the only ladies who routinely entered entered the premises were there to clean up afterwards. Some of this is actually true too!

The Class start is at 12 and 3/4 minutes after the warning gun in our pursuit race series.

Open Meetings

We have a few members who compete in the Class Association's Regional Series. We also host our own Open Meeting at the club each year, although you'll find more information about that is  on other websites 'cos we haven't updated our open meetings entries either. See News & Events for a few scanty details of this year's Open meetings.


The boat was originally designed by some old bloke back when everything was made of wood and lovingly crafted over many hours. Or alternatively sold in kit form for the enthusiastic amateur to bodge together in his shed. Over several hundred have been produced and a few dozen new boats being built each year 'cos thanks to the credit crunch / bankers / government crashing the economy nobody can afford a new one any more.

The boat might be a one-design class with some flexibility in rigging and tuning, which helps limit costs and keeps racing results fairly in line with your ability, or it might be a development class where everything is going towards kevlar, titanium, carbon fibre and advanced composites and racing results is to a large extent determined by the thickness of your wallet or your ability to blag money from corporate sponsors.

Most boats have centre mainsheet / most have aft sheeting / most have whichever seemed like a good idea at the time. They might have a jib or a genoa. They might even have a kite to keep the crew amused on reaches and runs. 

RYA Yardstick 1234
Length 3.5 m / 14' 3"
Beam 1.8 m / 6' 1"
Sail Area Too #@$%ing much


There is a lot more that we could go into which may be added as link to some design notes. We could even put a pic or two of the boat in action from those already posted on the Gallery, or which exist in photo collections which are available to the club. Possibly even some video clips too if people ask really nicely.

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Midland SC Class Captain Mickey Taker
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