Junior Race Day 2018

A great day of racing under ideal conditions

On Sunday October 7th we had our annual Junior Race Day. Ideal conditions, and some good wind. Sailing standards were good, though rule observance was somewhat found wanting. Something to work on over the next year!

One aspect the Race Officers were impressed by was the quality of the starts. Here is a video from the start of the third race, starting about a minute before the gun. There are some interesting points to see here. Most of the action was focused on either end of the start line, where the Lasers were battling it out, in one case overstepping the line, in the other playing it risky but getting away with it, when the other party did not exploit the situation. Meanwhile, all was quiet in the middle of the line, which the Enterprise used to get a good start staying out of trouble!

Thanks to Phil Base for the video -- more videos to follow!