Membership Fees 2016 - 2017

All subscriptions are renewed as at 1st April each year.
If anyone joins mid-year the membership cost is reduced pro-rata. Joining fees are fixed.


Membership, April 2016 to March 2017New Member's Joining FeeTotal for New Member
includes a couple plus their children up to the age of 18 or if in full time education up to the age of 22.
£222 £18.50 £43 £265
18 or over.
£174 £14.50 £43 £217
adult in full time education (not in receipt of salary).


£6.75 £10.50 £91.50
under 18.


£3.25 £10.50 £49.50
member who does not sail. THIS CATEGORY IS NOW CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS. Please refer to the Supporters' Group
Single £39
Couple £69
Single £3.25
Couple £5.75
previously a full member who has moved away. THIS CATEGORY IS NOW CLOSED


  Year   Month
Indoor boat £171       £14.25      
Outdoor boat £66       £5.50      
Compound boat £111       £9.25      
Indoor board £81       £6.75      
Indoor 2nd board £39       £3.25     
Indoor road trailer £39       £3.25     
Outdoor road trailer          £21       £1.75    

Early and Late Payments

Annual subscriptions are due on 1st April.  Subscriptions paid in full by 15th April are entitled to an early payment discount of £10 for family and adult membership, and £5 for student, junior, social and country membership.

Any payment received after 15th May will incur a late payment fee of £15 for family and adult membership, or £10 for student, junior, social or country membership.

If you have any queries about membership please contact the membership secretary Nancy Gudgeon on


Membership application forms can be found here.


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