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Terry Gray
I haven't got time to come up with a few words about the GP14.

Terry Gray

GP14 Class Captain
GP14 Emblem

Class History at Midland Sailing Club

We've got pictures of GP14's sailing at Midland SC from the 60's, and unless Pete comes up with some money I might even publish them. Judging from the crusty attire and far-away look in the eyes of some of our GP helms, they've probably been around longer than that, maybe even right back to when the class was first built.

GP14 used to be one of our biggest and most competitive fleets - we've had good results at both national and international events - but sadly the years have taken their toll and the numbers have dwindled away to a mere shadow of their former glory. But all is not lost as we have a few younger members who are taking up the challenge and showing the old guard how it's done.

The club still sends a GP14 or two to Southport every year, which goes to show that once a GP sailor, a small part of you will always be a GP14 sailor.

Open meetings

The club hosts a GP14 Open Meeting every year. But since nobody from the fleet can ever be bothered to do a race report then there's not a lot to say about it. They can't even be bothered to keep their fleet home page up to date.


The GP14 was designed by 1949 by Jack Holt OBE, who also designed the Solo, Enterprise, Merlin Rocket, Mirror and National 12 classes that are also sailed at the club.

Built to be a "General Purpose 14-foot dinghy" she also makes a good family and cruising boat. And going by how most of our increasingly elderly helms sail her, she makes a good dingy equivalent of a mobility scooter. They'd probably be wanting to take up the option of having an outboard motor fitted on them as well, except we're a sailing club and not a powerboat club.

She's a relatively stable boat and she makes a good intermediate to advanced trainer and in race trim she's suitable for a wide range of crew weights from skinny teens to fat old codgers / portly gentlemen who've got a lifetime of beer and pies under their belts.

The hull of a GP14 can be made from wood, glass reinforced plastic (GRP) or foam reinforced plastic (FRP).

RYA Yardstick
Length 4.27 m (14 feet)
1.54 m
Maximum sail area
Mainsail and genoa 12.85 m2
Spinnaker 8.4 m2
Minimum hull weight
133 kg


Additional Information

Midland SC Class Captain
Terry Gray
UK Class Association
GP14 UK Class Association
Regional Rep
Matt Thursfield   email:via class association website


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