Club Development Plan

This folder contains the key documents relating to the development of sailing and facilities at Midland Sailing Club.

The first draft of the Development Plan released for consultation with members of the Club is the document <2015-01-22 V 1.4> Double-click on the file name to open this document.

File 2015-01-22 Draft V 1.4.docx
This draft contains specific objectives for sailing development and facilities development. For each objective, the draft sets our the key performance indicators - the measures of our success - together with the activities envisaged and the resources required. This draft is not complete, and identifies the sections yet to be added. Timescales will be refined as we develop the implementation/action plan following consultation with members. Following this consultation and completion of the draft, we will consult with the other stakeholders with an interest in the future of Edgbaston Reservoir. Please send your comments to before 16th February 2015. If you wish, you could save the document, insert your comments and submit it as an attachment with your response - <track changes> would be helpful!