Jibsheet December 2014




News from the Committee of Management and Sailing Committee

December 2014


The front door code is changing

The code on the front door to the club will be changed on Saturday 13th December to 2706.

Please do not divulge this number to anyone, for obvious reasons.  Also please do not use force on the buttons or handles.  If there is resistance, simply push button “C” and try again.  The lock is designed to resist forced entry, but this entails getting it repaired - an unnecessary expense.

For more information, contact Lawrence Bowbanks, Premises Manager


Junior Sailors’ Christmas Social

All will be welcome on Saturday 13th December, straight after the morning’s junior sailing session, to celebrate a fantastic year of junior and youth sailing at Midland SC.

For more information, contact  Nancy Gudgeon, Junior Committee


Winter Merlin mini-series

The Merlin Rocket class is trying get get as many Merlins on the water for both races this coming Saturday 6th December - the first of the four Saturdays over the winter selected for a Merlin class mini series.  Series results will be calculated using each helm’s personal handicap and also a handicap based on the ability and experience of the crew.  The other Saturdays will be 17th January, 7th February and 7th March, making a total of 8 races in all.  One or more discards will be allowed – the number is yet to be decided.  Racing will be as part of the normal Saturday pursuit, but Merlins’ finishing times will be used to calculate their results.

If a Merlin helm without a crew comes knocking at your door to sail with him/her, please say ‘yes’ and join in what we hope will be a fun event.

First Saturday race starts at 13.00.  See you on the water!

For more information, contact  Mike Anslow, Merlin Class Captain


Winter Wednesdays (and a Friday!)

17th December 8pm start

Christmas music, mince pies and wine.

26th December - Race

starts 11am

Boxing Day Race for the Dick Hannaford Memorial Trophy,  followed by a bring and share buffet.

31st December

New Year’s Eve Party @ Midland SC - details to follow

14th January 2015 6.30pm prompt start

Steve Cockerill’s Boat Whisperer talk with amazing coaching video.  Tickets £10 including food (Juniors £5) from Bar or Angela Daniels

21st January 2015 8pm start

Members’ Forum - Developing your Club.  Progressing the ideas of members from the last forum and more

Friday 6th February 2015. Starts 7.30pm

Round Britain in a Wayfarer - illustrated talk by Phil Kirk.  Tickets £8.

For more information, see the Club website or contact  Angela Daniels, Social Secretary


Juniors to race on Saturday afternoons

Junior Committee and Sailing Committee have agreed that junior classes be given a race over one lap of the course set out for the first pursuit race on Saturday afternoons.  The race officer would finish the junior classes at the end of the first lap taking each finishing time from the clock in the race box.  It is likely that the the junior classes will start after the last adult class had started.  There would be a separate signing on sheet for juniors, and the juniors would be represented in the race box by an “interested party”.  However, the race officer would be in charge of the race.  A separate record of junior results would be kept on Sailwave, and the junior results would be announced in the bar afterwards.  Details to follow

For more information, contact  Dan Barrett, Sailing Manager, or Nancy Gudgeon, Junior Committee


The Club’s revised Rules and Standing Orders are now available on the website

The Rules and Standing Orders of the Club were amended at the 2014 AGM to introduce Model Yachting. There is now a class of Associate Membership for Model Yachters.

The specific rules and standing orders that have been amended are highlighted in red text.

N.B. To find the new rules and standing orders, click on the underlined blue text above.  Wherever you see  underlined blue text  in Jibsheet, you should be able to click on it  to find more  information about that item.  For those for whom this is a new trick, this is called a “hyperlink”.


Early Warning - Key Dates for the Club’s 2015 AGM

The Club's Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 11th March 2015.


Initial publication of AGM deadlines, with exact requirements for Members' Nominations and Resolutions to enable Members to make nominations and submit resolutions to be considered at the AGM


Committee of Management nominations for the new Committee of Management are posted on the Notice Board a minimum of 28 days before the AGM


Members' resolutions must be received in writing by the Honorary Secretary by this date so they can be included in the formal Notice to Members


Notice in writing issued to Members, including Committee of Management resolutions and Members' resolutions, together with an invitation to submit valid nominations for the the new Committee of Management, a minimum of 21 days before the AGM


Members' nominations for the new Committee of Management must be received by the Hon Secretary in time to be posted on the Club Noticeboard a minimum of 7 days before the AGM

For more information, contact Megan Ward, Honorary Secretary


Member Survey to guide Club development and funding

It is proposed to undertake a survey of members so that we have a better understanding of who our members are, and what they want from the Club.  This is important evidence to present to potential funders to demonstrate that our plans and proposals are what our members want, and will be effective in getting more people sailing more often.

The survey will feed into a “Review of 2014” that will provide a baseline of our current achievements and activity, and provide a sound foundation for our development plans and funding bids.

The Committee of Management has established a small group to steer the update of the Club’s development plans and prepare funding bids.  Members of the group are: Julian Harms, Dan Barrett, Nancy Gudgeon, Douglas Bridger, Jan Kimber, Trevor Pearson and David Homer.

If you have any experience of survey design and analysis, particularly with Surveymonkey, and can help us with this survey, please let us know asap!  

For more information,  please contact David Homer

2015 Open Meetings, Exclusive Days and other dates for your diary

25th April

Birmingham Rowing Club Regatta

26th April

Midland Mug - Merlin Rocket Silver Tiller

16th & 17th May

RYA “Push the Boat Out” - NOT exclusive, as we're trying to encourage people into watersports of all kinds. Just a date for everyone's diary

24th - 29th May

Saundersfoot Coppet Week - NOT exclusive, but just to let you

know where lots of members have gone!

14th June

Enterprise and Nat 12 Joint Open Meeting

20th June

TS Vernon Regatta

4th - 10th July

Salcombe Merlin Rocket Week - NOT exclusive, but just to let

you know where some of the Merlins have gone!

12th July

Midland Solo Open

26th July

Midland Laser Grand Prix comes to Midland SC for the first time

20th September

Midland International IOM [International One Metre] Championships


For more information, contact Dan Barrett, Sailing Manager


Insurance reminder

All boats, windsurfers and model yachts brought to Midland Sailing Club must be insured against 3rd party risks for not less than £2m.  This insurance must be in force before the boat, windsurfer or model yacht arrives at the Club.


The colour is blue

As part of the Deep Clean of the changing room areas, some limited redecoration has been done.  Further refurbishment and upgrades are planned, subject to funding. Those frequenting both ladies and gents’ changing areas may notice that we no longer have a consistent colour scheme.  Hopefully you will notice the improvement in cleanliness.  With your help we intend to keep it that way.  

For more information, contact Lawrence Bowbanks, Premises Manager


Considerate parking

Regular visitors to the Club may have noticed that our colleagues at Edgbaston Watersports have laid some paving slabs and kept the grass in good condition in the corner beyond the “cottage” and “blue shed”.  They use this area with their clients, which takes pressure off our other spaces when we are all operating at the same time.

Please do not drive over the slabs or grass, as it is particularly vulnerable to churning up during the winter.

For more information, contact  Chris Homer, Chair of the Committee of Management


Club Work Parties

The Committee of Management intends to arrange work parties on days we are unable to sail because of other water users’ exclusive use of the reservoir.

These will be opportunities for all members to utilise their skills - or acquire new ones - in  helping maintain the premises and grounds, including the indoor and outdoor storage, maintaining the racing marks and the Club’s fleet of training and other boats.

Please put the above Exclusive Days in your diary now, so that you are available to help.  The more people who come, the easier it will be to make a real difference to the long list of jobs.

For more information, contact Lawrence Bowbanks, Premises Manager


Do you have any bolt croppers?

The Buoys Team is in need of bolt croppers or similar that can cut through galvanised mild steel chain links.  Have you got a pair in your garage or shed that we could borrow?

For more information, contact  Dan Barrett, Sailing Manager


How to keep in touch

Go the Club website at www.midlandsailingclub.org.uk


Email membership enquiries to membership@midlandsailingclub.org.uk


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