Jibsheet July 2015




News from the Committee of Management and Sailing Committee

July 2015

A Club with a past, present, and a future

What an excellent evening we had on Commodore’s Night: The final race in the flag Officer Series, a great gathering of friends, food, Pimms, strawberries, and stories old and new.  

Thanks to Sue Hannaford and Douglas Bridger for organising it and to all the members past and present who supported it.

Midland Sailing Club is 121 years old this year.  Its history is not only long but rich and varied. Alan Birch has for many years been collating and documenting the history of the Club, and publishing articles in Mainsheet from time to time. Please contact Alan if you can help in any way.

For more  information , please contact  Alan Birch


President and Vice Presidents

The past is not just something that has gone, it should help us shape the future.  Many institutions suffer from a lack of organisational memory and constantly reinvent themselves of their systems.  

In order to preserve the organisational memory of the Club and to provide a support and challenge network, the Committee of Management has appointed a President and Vice Presidents in line with the Club Standing Orders.

The Committee of Management is pleased to announce that the following people have accepted its invitation to the position of

President:  Alan Birch

Vice Presidents:  Judy Parkes, Sue Burton, Sue Hannaford, Chris Homer, Mike Anslow and David Homer

They will be invited to provide a short biography of their contribution to the Club which will be published in the September edition of Mainsheet.

For more  information , please contact Douglas Bridger, Commodore


Sailing numbers are on the up!  But there are still sailing members  we do not see.

Wednesday evenings are buzzing - if you have not been to the Club recently, you should!

Most Wednesday evenings there are 16 - 22 boats signed on.  Not just the old die-hards, an increasing number of juniors and our level 2 and 3 graduates are joining the race or gaining confidence by following the course.  After sailing the galley team is serving 20 - 30 meals and the Bar is full.

Saturday racing remains popular and the number of Juniors sailing on Saturday morning is also growing significantly.  We also see a number of new adult sailors practicing on a Saturday morning.  

A number of members have been using the Sunday Sailing sessions to hone their skills in a relaxed atmosphere with friendly encouragement and safety boat backup.  Sunday sessions are scheduled for all Sundays through the summer when there is not an exclusive date. Club boats are available for hire. Check the dates and register your interest here.

There is still room on the water for more.  When did you last sail?  Come and join us on the water.  Catch the summer sun so you are bitten by the sailing bug before winter sets in.

For more information,  email  Phil Harrison, the Sailing Manager.


Junior Southport Success

Two teams of juniors competed again this year in the 12 Hour race at Southport.  Both teams overcame difficulties to record excellent results.  A brilliant performance which shows the depth of talent in the Junior Fleet. Many thanks to all their coaches, helpers and supporters who did an amazing job on the day.

For more information, contact  Adam Maclean or Nancy Gudgeon.


Spinnaker Course

Dan is planning to run a Spinnaker Course during the summer.  This will probably be a one day MSC course incorporating crewing and spinnaker skills. If you are interested please let Dan know asap.

For more  information , please contact Dan Barrett, MSC’s RYA Training Centre Principal

Bart’s Bash - Sunday 20th September 2015

We are holding a race and social evening, with food, in support of Bart’s Bash on 20th September.  This day is an MSC exclusive and the Model Yachters are running a series of races during the day. We will be starting Bart’s race after they have finished.  Warning signal planned for 17.00.  We hope that members will support the Model Yachters by coming to watch their racing, and that the Model Yachters will join us later for the social.   

This should be an enjoyable day, an opportunity to get to see a different aspect of sailing, get to know our Model Yacht affiliate members whilst supporting the Andrew Simpson Foundation.

There may be a bit of a crush whilst the Model Yachts are being packed away and we are rigging, but with good humour and courtesy on all sides this should not be impossible to manage.

For more information, email  Phil Harrison, the Sailing Manager.

Open Meetings at Midland


Congratulations to the Enterprise and Solo classes for successful open meetings on 14th June and 12th July.  There was a good turnout from Club boats and competitive racing throughout the fleets.  


MSC has a great reputation for the open meetings that it runs.  These events will only build that reputation. Thanks go to the organisers, the Race Officers and the teams on the water, on the shore and in the galley.


We look forward to our final open meeting of this year, on Sunday 26th July for the Laser class.


If you own a Laser – or can borrow one – do come and take part.  You get the chance to sail against sailors from other clubs, and the racing is always great fun!


If anyone is able to offer help with race organisation or safety boat cover, please contact Mike Anslow

Handicap Racing - a different and exciting race format

Don’t forget 29th August will be a mass start 5 minutes after the first sound signal – sequence is:  Warning signal - 4 minutes - 1 minute - start.  


For more information, contact  Phil Harrison, the Sailing Manager.


Club Working Party - Saturday 20th June 2015

Thank you to those members who supported their Club at the recent work party and to the volunteers from Edgbaston Watersports who turned up to help shift and roll tons of gravel. Our environment is greatly improved by your efforts, which are much appreciated.


Southport 24-hour Race - Saturday-Sunday 12th-13th September 2015

As has been the case for the last few years, MSC will be fielding three boats at Southport, the very-competitive GP A-team that came 9th last year, a GP-B team for those less competitive and an Enterprise team.  There is room for almost anyone to sail (subject to basic level of skill) and infinite room to enjoy the social side - this includes new members and new sailors.  It really is a very enjoyable event.  Teams are being defined now (see the sheet by the Galley), please sign-up if you are coming.  This is a competitive and fun race, typically with 70-80 boats taking part on a marine lake.

For more information, contact  Phil Harrison, (Sailing Secretary),  Richard Adams (A-Team), Paul Young (Enterprise), or Dan Barrett/Stuart Jones (GP B-Team)


Crewing and Club Boats or may be your want to buy your own

If you have recently completed the RYA Level 2 or 3 course, now is the time to come and crew for a club member, hire a club boat or maybe even buy your own.

Before taking out a club boat please remember to:

  • obtain permission from one of our dinghy instructors

  • go to the galley and present your voucher or payment (£5 per person). Ask the person in the galley to place the voucher/payment in the boat hire box and record it on the slip

  • for Fevas or old Toppers obtain key from an instructor

  • when you have finished, report any breakages or problems to Dave Trott or Mike Colles and record on chalk board on training room door

If you would like to sail with another club member, just put a message up on the Club News Group (see last item in this Jibsheet). This is a good way to get more experience.

If you are thinking about buying your own boat, have a word with one of our instructors, who will be able to give you some advice and put you in touch with someone knowledgeable on finding a suitable boat.

Before you buy, get lots of advice (much of it will be contradictory!) and try different boats.  not all boats suit everyone. There are lots of very affordable second hand boats on the market, but cheap does not necessarily mean good value!  We can help you avoid an expensive mistake.

For more information, contact  Mike Colles

Planning for the Winter - dates for your diary

The Social and Catering team is already planning a winter programme of events for Wednesday Evenings once sailing finishes at the end of September.  

Dates for your diary.

  • Quiz night - designed for all the family!  A “Not to be missed” event by popular request -  please reserve the Wednesday in October half term week. More details to follow.

  • Awards Night - Friday 20th November. The Club’s annual celebration of sailing at Midland.  The place to be.

For more information, contact  Angela Daniels, Chair of the Social Catering and Bar Group.


How to keep in touch and promote your Club

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