50 Years ago at the Club

50 Years ago at the Club

The old clubhouse. 1965

The building that Midland Sailing Club call home was officially opened in June 1967. How about a party to celebrate 50 years of our clubhouse?


50 years ago, a lot of Club volunteers were installing the clothing racks in the changing rooms, fixing boat lifting gear in the boat store and hanging curtains as the Club was being made ready for use following the rebuilding. Work had started to demolish the second clubhouse late in 1965.

Whilst the clubhouse was being rebuilt the Club operated from a builder’s hut, kindly lent by John Douglas, and changing took place in the cottage. Cars were parked in Marroway Street (then a through road) or Icknield Port Road as the car park was full of the displaced boats. The builders left a small strip for boats to be launched and no sailing was lost because of the rebuild.

The hut was surprisingly successful. Teas continued to be served. Although to start with members went to the Belle View or the Bricklayers for a pint after racing finished, it was not long before an unofficial official bar had been installed; the licence having been transferred temporarily by an official who took into account the situation and was generous in his interpretation of the rules. All the time the “new Club” was raising before our eyes! There were some improvements made on the original plans. Mac Grant argued strongly for a hardwood floor instead of the soft wood one in the spec. To pay for the upgrade it was decided to do without new chairs, but new tables were bought, the ones we have today. The bar was originally across the back along the line of the now removed step and was very plush, having been funded by M&B. Later, to provide access to the main clubroom, Arthur Bedford and team moved it to the present position.


We moved into the building to start using it for sailing around Easter time and set about making it presentable for the official opening in June 1967 by the Lord Mayor. !



Is there a case for a party in June to celebrate 50 years of the Clubhouse?