Open Meetings

by Richard Neighbour published Feb 17, 2011 09:10 PM, last modified Feb 17, 2011 09:10 PM

All about open meetings at Midland SC

Do I need to book in advance?

While it helps to have some idea how many will be turning we don't normally insist on pre-registration. At one time we used to have over 60 boats entering, but the recent trend has been towards smaller competitions.

Do I need to have insurance?

Yes!  It's a requirement that you have at least £2,000,000 of 3rd party cover. Racing incidents do occur and sometimes boats sustain damage. Thankfully it's very rare for people to get damaged. Please bring proof of insurance with you as you may be asked to show it at registration.

What about a measurement certificate?

Your boat must meet the measurement criteria for it's class and you should bring your measurement certificate with you as you may be asked to show it at registration as well. Boats that are out of measurement may be disqualified.

Do I have to be a member of the Class Association?

That depends on the class. If you want your points to count towards the regional series you will need to be a current member of the appropriate class association. Some classes also insist that entrants be members and may levy an additional fee on all entrants of the race. We recommend that people join their class associations anyway.

Do I have to be a member of Midland Sailing Club to enter your Open Meetings.

Of course not! Although a temporary membership of the club - for the duration of the event - is included in your entry fee. If you'd like to join us as a Full Member then you are most welcome to apply, just ask any of our members for more info.

Can I bring friends and family too?

Of course you can.  The reservoir is a local nature reserve and there is surrounding open space for little ones to enjoy. We just ask that if you bring children there is somebody to look after them, especially near the waters edge and around other peoples boats.

Can I take photographs of the races?

Yes of course! And if you upload them to any of the photo-sharing websites we'd love to be sent a link to them. You'll certainly see some of our members taking pictures. Commercial photographers should follow industry practice and arrange the usual waivers.

I've never sailed before, can I have a go?

Open Meetings are not really suitable for first-time sailors and there won't be any opportunities to have a taster session. But we have a training programme and offer taster sessions throughout the year which would be more appropriate. See our Training section for more information.

I can sail, but I've never been to an open meeting before. Can I enter?

Of course you can. If you're not confident of your ability then the best thing to do is talk to people at your own club as they'll be able to offer guidance based on knowing your abilty. But everyone has to start somewhere and Open Meetings are a great experience.  And there is no shame in deliberately keeping out of the way of the main fleet at first, especially during the start sequence. Before long you'll also be mixing it with some of the best sailors in the region.