Racing Series Results

by Alex Tucker published Nov 28, 2004 09:45 PM, last modified May 10, 2017 09:45 PM

The results of each race at Midland Sailing Club are entered into the club race book by the Officer Of the Day (OOD), detailing such things as the course raced, the competitors and their finish times in seconds. The race book is the definitive record of all race series at MSC, however in this age of instant communications, club members expect to be able to find up to date results at the click of a mouse.

We currently use the Sailwave application to record a copy of the results from the race book and to generate overall positions for both the scratch and handicap versions of each racing series.

Follow the links below to display the current racing series results:


Racing program rules


2016/17 Series


  • Winter 2016/17 Saturday scratch and handicap.
  • Winter 2016/17 Saturday crewing.
  • Spring 2017 Saturday ave lap handicap scratch.
  • Spring 2017 Saturday scratch and handicap.
  • Spring 2017 Saturday Pursuit crewing
  • Spring 2017 Wednesday scratch and handicap.
  • Spring 2017 Wednesday Pursuit crewing.
  • Summer 2017 Saturday ave lap handicap scratch.
  • Summer 2017 Saturday scratch and handicap.
  • Summer 2017 Wednesday Pursuit crewing.
  • Summer 2017 Wednesday scratch and handicap.
  • Summer 2017 Saturday Pursuit crewing.
  • Flag Officers Series 2017 ave lap handicap scratch.



2015/16 Series


  • Autumn 2015 Saturday Pursuit crewing.



For finished series, see the archived results.

Bar Duty
Richard Adams
Race Officer
John Humphries
Safety Boat Driver
Kate Fairbairn
Asst. Race Officer
David Wheeler
Asst. Safety
Gabrielle Barthelemy
Bar Duty
Adam Maclean
Race Officer
Andrew Prosser
Safety Boat Driver
David Eltringham
Asst. Race Officer
Peter Stanbury
Asst. Safety
Richard Hadley
Bar Duty
Rob Kennaugh
Race Officer
Trevor Pearson
Safety Boat Driver
George Douthwaite
Asst. Race Officer
Simon Daniels
Asst. Safety
Stephen Ward
Bar Duty
Mike Anslow
Race Officer
Mike Burke
Safety Boat Driver
Stephen Nicholson
Asst. Race Officer
Keith Garrett
Asst. Safety
Tiberiu Simu

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