MSC Juniors Southport 12 Hour Race 2014 Enterprise Team Report

MSC Juniors Southport 12 Hour Race 2014 Enterprise Team Report

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The MSC Enterprise team,Will Eltringham, Emma Coleman, Maryam Emin, Oliver Maclean and Alexander Kalogriantis report on the highs and lows of their participation in the Juniors Southport 12 hour race. This report has been written by the youngsters themselves with only minimal help from the grown ups. Well done!

MSC Juniors Southport 12 Hour Race 2014 Enterprise Team Report

The Team:

Will Eltringham, Emma Coleman, Maryam Emin, Oliver Maclean and Alexander Kalogriantis.

The Midland SC Enterprise team consisted of five fantastic youngsters (three boys and two girls) aged between eight and sixteen who have all been going to Saturday juniors for a while now, but other than Will Eltringham have never done anything like this before and none of the team had been in an Enterprise before other than odd occasions and then never as helm until about six to eight weeks ago.

When Richard Dee and Mike Homer first suggested a second Junior 12 hour race team in the club Enterprise at a juniors meeting in March, I was concerned, did we have enough people, could they sail well enough, what would happen if it was windy? etc. Mike then approached me and asked if I could help with some Enterprise training, and more recently handed over the management of the team at Southport to me.

The following report written by the team themselves is an account of the day:

A little nervous I started getting the boat ready for action about 6.30am on Saturday morning with none of the team in sight. Who would start? What would the wind do?

At 7am after some breakfast all of the team appear and I am much happier, the boat is getting rigged, is fitted with a gps tracker and I am explaining the starting procedure to the starting helm and crew Oliver and Maryam. Oliver and Maryam early in the raceAfter a rush to launch, Oliver and Maryam unfortunately incurred a quarter lap penalty for straying into the starting box before the last minute. The start was a tricky downwind one but despite the pressure of the watching crowds the start its self was very reasonable and at the end of the first lap we were 7th Enterprise, going well and with confidence improving all the time. The starting penalty had really taken its toll as at the end of lap two the computer shows we are 25th out of 25 teams. (Midland SC GP14 was first). Steady progress meant we worked up the field to 19thby the third lap. Later we gained another place even passing West Lanc`s B team to windward. On the fourth lap Oliver and Maryam overtook a Bosun and an Enterprise and are now 15th! During the fifth lap they managed to get the average lap time down to less than twenty minutes a lap, just in time for the changeover.


After the 6th lap a super speedy crew change saw Will Eltringham and our youngest team member Alexander Kalogriantis take up the baton. After what can only be described as a dodgy first run, they soon got it together and kept up with the other boats only losing one place.

At 10.25 am Will and Alex are back up to 16th place during the eighth lap and are looking more confident with an average lap time of under nineteen minutes.

10.32am 8 Laps completed. The computer shows that Midland SC Enterprise team have an average lap time of 18m18s. (West Lanc`s A 9 laps/15m 43s) (West Lanc`s B team 8 laps/ 19m 48s)  Will and Alex appear to be now more relaxed but still determined.Will focuses on the mark

After nine laps we have moved up to 14th place, but have struggled slightly on a gybe and may have taken some water on. The rest of the team are watching nervously from the clubhouse. Maryam is sewing a cushion while Emma is checking over her master plan on wind direction and sail setting. Remaining in fourteenth place with an average lap time of only 17m 30s only 2m 30s behind the leader Midland GP14 with 15m 0s. Our starting penalty looking particularly disappointing as many of the boats above us have not completed their eleventh lap yet.

11.22am Emma Coleman seems really focused and eager to get into the Enterprise.  However soon disaster strikes as Will and Alex capsize at the gybe mark in the increasing wind causing Paul Young and Phil Harrison rushing along the shore to see what happened. The safety boat helps them right the boat and returns them with mainsail down to the docking area losing a third of a lap. Alex is rather wet but still full of optimism.Will and Alexander return to shore after capsize

Paul and Phil quickly hoist the mainsail again; Oliver and Emma now take over with Emma shovelling buckets of water out of the waterlogged dinghy.

On lap twelve Oliver and Emma have sorted it with the boat now dry and appear confident. However this is short lived as an out of control gybe at mark one takes them the wrong side of the mark and a second dodgy gybe sees them hit it meaning a trip through D mark and another quarter lap penalty.

12.11pm seems to be a problem with the boat, as it comes into the pits unexpectedly – Paul and Phil rush to the rescue. Maryam is back on crewing for Oliver again but they seem to have lost a few minutes with the changeover.

The problem was in fact that Emma`s old scar on her hand had decided to re-emerge again after she banged it on the shrouds. Blood everywhere – a bit too much to ignore so Emma had to get off and be seen to, but she is eager to get back on- New gloves should do the trick.

At the next update we have done fifteen laps and are in twenty third place –so much drama already and we haven’t even got to half time yet.

12.45pm Oliver and Maryam capsize at the gybe mark and after receiving assistance are being towed back to the pits.

Paul and Phil rush out to see what`s happened. Oliver has banged his head on the boom – he is shaken and needs an ice pack and is being really brave.

Will and Emma now take over, the computer shows, we are in twenty fifth position.  Emma is bailing with bucket for two laps; eventually they discover how to open the self bailers! Will and Emma concentrate downwind

1.45pm Will and Emma appear to be much more confident now, boat dry and going well. Team manager Paul, happy now as he gets time for lunch.

2pm more drama as our Enterprise holds up our own MSC GP team and prevents their changeover- The GP must take some responsibility.

1420pm Up to 23rd position after twenty one laps. No sign of any capsizing all is going smoothly.

14.40pm, Will and Emma going strong – Steady pace with lots of control, gaining a couple of seconds in the twenty third lap and are now in twenty second             place. Both give a wave to shore line supporters. Will says “we can sail until 8pm.”  “We overtook eight boats in one stretch. Emma says” we clawed back twenty seconds.

15.30pm, into the pits for crew change, Oliver and Maryam now replace Will and Emma. Oliver and Maryam continue with Will and Emma`s good work and improve the Enterprise teams position to twenty first after their first lap

Shore supporters including the tireless Paul Young and Phil HarrisonWith things going well the attention of the shore crew turns to the under 14 year olds helm`s race for the fastest lap after 6pm and also getting young Alexander back in the boat again as the wind appears to be dropping. After much discussion it was decided to rest Oliver for his big race at 6pm and send Will and Alex back out whilst the wind is light.

16.30pm Will and Alex take over after a slick changeover all goes well for first couple of laps – but wind is increasing again!

17.15pm disaster strikes as Will and Alex capsize once more this time in front of the pits trying to avoid the D mark. This time they soon have it upright to the cheer of the crowds, but have trouble getting going again and are returned to the pits by the safety boat once more.

Paul and Phil quickly sort out the mess and even straighten the burgee and Oliver and Emma take over in time for the six o’clock under 14`s helms race and the dying of the wind.

After two laps in a very light wind the final changeover takes place about 19.00pm. Emma now swaps to helming with new crew Maryam continue to the finish competing in the last gasp trophy.The Midland teams enjoy their excellent performances and results

20.05pm It`s all over, boat is quickly loaded onto the double trailer and we retire to the clubhouse for the presentation`s.

A beaming Alexander and Will collects our well deserved finishers plaque for 20th overall and we cheer Midland Sailing Club`s GP14 team as they get their four trophies and win overall. The MSC Enterprise team,Will Eltringham, Emma Coleman, Maryam Emin, Oliver Maclean and Alexander Kalogriantis report on the highs and lows of their participation in the Juniors Southport 12 hour race. This report has been written by the youngsters themselves with only minimal help from the grown ups. Well done!

Soon it’s time to leave we all go to pizza hut to celebrate.

A fantastic and memorable day. Well done everyone. We will be back next year.


Paul Young.

Enterprise Team.


This report has been written by the youngsters themselves with only minimal help from the grown ups. Well done!

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