How to use the inflatable marks for Juniors and training

We won three Crewsaver inflatable training marks at the Dinghy Show a while ago, and they are fitted with lengths of line, heavy sinkers/mud weights and lighter counter-weights so they are easy to use, and should automatically compensate for changing water depth. Each has its own polypropylene tub for ease of handling and keeping all the tackle untangled and free-running.

Suggestions for quick deployment, recovery and general happiness:

Inflate orally before use as when they hit the cold water they might go floppy. Deflate slightly after use in case the weather hots up and they burst.

Let go the heavy weight just to windward of where you want the mark to be and pay out the line until the weight is on the bottom.

Motor gently downwind, holding on to the counter-weight until the line becomes taught, then let go.

To recover, pull up the counter-weight and put in the bucket. Flake the line down on top of the counterweight, and place the sinker/mud weight on top of all the line. The mark should also fit in the bucket. The mark is then ready to redeploy.