Update Regarding COVID-19 and MSC

[updated 05/11/2020]

Following the developments in Government advice about COVID-19, we are updating members on the response of the club.

The Committee of Management’s focus must be on our responsibilities to members, visitors and staff. In consultation with Sailing Committee and our COVID-19 Task Force we have decided the following:

In the current lockdown, the club will be closed for any sailing activities until December 2nd. Members should not come to the club to either sail or work on their boats, unless it is essential. Boats cannot be removed from the club boat park.

The current building work on the club house and the repairs to the foreshore are permissible, especially since the latter needs to be done before the water level rises again. Weekend work parties are also allowed for this essential work.

Recreational sailing is only allowed from public areas, not from private grounds. Windsurfing is possible for club members, provided a) the boards are not stored on the club grounds, and b) launching takes place on the shore outside the club area.

The club house is obviously closed as well, including changing rooms and toilets.

These rules will be reviewed in light of experience and changes to the framework set out by the Government and RYA.

Further updates on club matters will be forthcoming as the situation evolves.

Adam Maclean
Midland Sailing Club