Update Regarding COVID-19 and MSC

[updated 08/07/2020]

Following the developments in Government advice about COVID-19, we are updating members on the response of the club.

The Committee of Management’s focus must be on our responsibilities to members, visitors and staff. In consultation with Sailing Committee we have decided the following:

Recreational Sailing

The Committee and the Midland Sailing Club Covid-19 Task Force have been working to enable recreational sailing again, in consultation with the City Council and the local police. We are delighted to say that recreational sailing is now possible, within a set of rules that need to be followed:

  1. If you have symptoms or belong to a high-risk group, please stay at home.
  2. The changing rooms and the club room will remain closed, so please get changed either at home or in the boat park. The disabled toilet is open. Please close the gate behind you when you come to the club.
  3. Please wash your hands on entering the site. A bucket with soapy water is in the downstairs foyer. There is also a first aid kit for emergencies.There will be no safety boat cover, so please only sail if the wind strength is appropriate for your abilities
  4. Please observe social distancing and keep 2m away from other people at all times.
  5. We have designated rigging bays marked out in front of the club house; these allow you to rig your boat while keeping your distance. Further (unmarked) areas are the area behind the container (1 space), the three grass patches between rows of boats further down, and one space in front of the race box. Please keep all other spaces clear.
  6. The capacity of the club grounds is about 9 boats at any given time. You can only sail in single-handers or double-handers with helm and crew from the same household. If there are more boats being used (eg for racing), please keep the required distance.
  7. Club equipment can be used, but has to be cleaned with soapy water afterwards.
    1. Club boats: these should be hosed down
    2. Club buoyancy aids and wetsuits: these need to be put in the big blue barrel of soapy water after use
  8. We need to keep track of how many people are sailing, so we set up a WhatsApp group. If you go sailing, please announce this on the group, so we know about numbers. You can come and sail at any time during the week; normal racing has now resumed on Saturday. We do expect the rowing club to begin using the water again soon and therefore please respect their exclusive time of Sundays until 1300.
  9. The post-race bar has now re-opened. Please adhere to the one-way-system and follow the markers on the floor when queuing. If possible, pay contactless. Sit in the club room only, where tables are sufficiently far apart from each other. No standing (or sitting) in the bar itself. Exit through the balcony door only.
  10. If you have any further questions, please email COVID-19 enquirers  and we will try to answer as soon as we can.

These rules will be reviewed in light of experience and changes to the framework set out by the Govenment and RYA.

Further updates on club matters will be forthcoming as the situation evolves.

Adam Maclean
Midland Sailing Club