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See the live weather conditions from our club weather station and check the latest forecasts from the Met Office.

Download Weather Data

Weather data is collected from the weather station sensors, one set on the flag pole above the duty box and one set on the roof of the clubhouse. The sensors radio their data to a console on the wall by the bar, which as well as displaying the information, also forwards it on to the club website and keeps a record every half hour of averages, minima and maxima during that time.

This half-hourly data is kept for posterity and you can download it here in "comma separated values" (CSV) format, which makes it easy to use however you wish. It should load without problems into a spreadsheet, for instance.

We've been archiving the data since June 2008, so there's getting to be a fair amount of collected data. To save you from downloading the whole database in one go, please select a year and month at a time.

Weather Forecast