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Paul Young

Enterprise Class Captain
Enterprise Emblem

Class History at Midland Sailing Club

The Enterprise is another class that has been at Midland SC for as long as most people can remember. Wether people want to remember that is another question. They're pretty much a marmite sort of boat - you either love'em or you hate'em.

For the last few years we've sent an Ent to the Southport 24-hour race as the fun team, and they've had the rather bad manners to do quite well.

Open meetings

The club hosts an Enterprise Open Meeting every year. To make it appear more impressive they're now sharing their event with our growing National 12 fleet.

And since Mr Young is Commodore of the Class Association, the club has also hosted the AGM for the last few years, so we've also laid on a race for that too.


The first thing most people notice about the Enterprise are its strikingly blue sails. The Enterpise was another of Jack Holt's designs (along with the Solo, GP14, Merlin Rocket, Mirror and National 12 classes that are also sailed at the club) and is a one-design class so the your race success is pretty much down to your sailing ability, and not how many go-faster upgrades you can purchase.

The Enterprise can be quite unstable compared to other designs and is notorious for doing a sudden roll while running downwind at speed unless she is sailed just right. However they do share handling characteristics that are more commondly associated with faster designs and racing within the Enterprise fleet has a tendency to be very close and tactical. And in the lightest winds they seem to have a magical propulsion ability that keeps them moving when all other boats are reduced to drifting.

RYA Yardstick
Length 4.04 m
1.60 m
Maximum sail area
10.7 m2
Minimum hull weight
94 kg


Additional Information

Midland SC Class Captain
Paul Young
UK Class Association
Enterprise Class Association www.sailenterprise.co.uk


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