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Racing at Midland

Racing is held at Midland on Saturday afternoons all year (except when the ice is too thick) and on Wednesday evenings in the Summer. Sailors compete for the honour of winning one of the Club's prestigious series trophies.


Racing in the heart of the city

Saturday afternoons.

At Midland sailing club we race every Saturday with the exception of certain ‘exclusive days’ see calendar. The first race begins at 1.30 pm and is an average lap race and the second a pursuit race starts after lunch at around 3.30 pm. In January and December we start at 1 pm and 2.45 pm so that we can finish before dark. 

 We have Winter (January, February March), Spring (April, May June), Summer (July, August September) and Autumn Series (October, November December).

For each series there are different trophies to compete for - fleet trophies (such as the Merlin, Solo, and GP14 fleets), handicap trophies and scratch (overall winners). 

Wednesday evenings.

During the summer we also hold a Wednesday evening race starting at 6.30 in April and September and 7pm for May, June, July and August. We have two series here the Spring and Summer. Wednesday evening races are generally pursuit races with the exception of the flag officers races which are held one each in May, June and July. These are average lap races and the flag officers are generally expected to provide strawberries and crea, for the competitors.

The Midland Sailing Club Trophies.

National Competitions

The club and it's members also partcipate in many National competitions such as the Southport 24  and 12 hour races, Merlin Silver Tiller series, Enterprise, Laser, Solo and Topper area series, Salcombe week and the Coppet week.


The results of each race are announced after racing, (sometimes forecasts are made before races) and posted in the club house so you can instantly see how you've done and where you stand in the current series. See the results section for the current state of this collection.

Racing Rules


Here is some stuff that might be helpful.

Duty Rota

Each and every club race is run by a hand picked team of professionals.  Failing that, club members are picked at random out of a hat and put on the duty rota (login required). The Club uses 'Dutyman'.

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