RYA certified training courses

RYA courses offered by Midland Sailing Club’s RYA Recognised Training Centre

RYA course – Dinghy Level 1 “Start Sailing”:

The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) Dinghy Level 1 “Start Sailing” is a gentle introduction to the wonderful sport of sailing. We offer this course as a stand-alone module, to enable you to have a go at learning how to sail without breaking the bank – all you pay is the course fee for two days’ worth of training. This includes all equipment you will need during the course. If you decide to join Midland SC after the course, you will get a discount on your first year of membership; and you will also receive a 50% discount on any further training courses. (This also applies if you join MSC when you book your first course.)

We currently have the following RYA Start Sailing courses scheduled:

RYA Start Sailing (Level 1)

  • Sun, Mar 3rd (09:00 – 17:00)
  • Sun, Mar 10th (09:00 – 17:00)

Spaces left: FULLY BOOKED

RYA course – Dinghy Level 2 “Basic Skills”:

After your Level 1 RYA course you are able to sail under supervision. The next step is to learn sailing independently. This course is designed to give you confidence in a wider variety of boats and conditions, as well as to polish up some of those manoeuvres you learned during the Level 1 course. This course is all about maximising time on the water! Please note that the discounted rate is only available to members of Midland SC.

We currently have the following RYA Basic Skills courses scheduled:

RYA course – Dinghy Level 3 “Better Sailing”:

When you have finished your Basic Skills course, you might want to become more competent in boat control. The RYA Better Sailing course will equip you with all the necessary skills and confidence to control a boat in most situations. This is very useful if you want to sail at other locations, for example. Please note that the discounted rate is only available to members of Midland SC.

We currently have the following RYA Better Sailing courses scheduled:

Advanced RYA Courses:

You never stop learning, and sailing is certainly no exception! To continue your learning experience after Level 3 “Better Sailing”, we offer a number of the RYA’s Advanced modules, which focus on improving specific skills.

Advanced RYA courses are currently scheduled on demand only. If you are interested in an RYA Start Racing or RYA courses for Seamanship Skills, please get in touch via training@midlandsailingclub.org.uk.

Powerboat Courses:

We also run powerboat and safety boat courses for members and non-members of Midland Sailing Club. These are scheduled on demand and you must be 16 years or older to do them:: if you are interested in a powerboat course, please get in touch via training@midlandsailingclub.org.uk.

First Aid Courses:

Even a basic knowledge of First Aid can save a life, so it’s no surprise that training is mandatory for RYA Instructors, and a valuable skill to have in any walk of life. Our approved RYA course is aimed primarily at watersports users, and covers areas of First Aid commonly encountered in a sailing/watersports environment, such as hypothermia and cold water shock.

This will be advertised on this page when it becomes available.

RYA First Aid

Sun, Mar 24th (09:00 – 17:00)8 spaces left

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