The Commodores’ Club

On Thursday 22nd June 2023 eleven ex-Commodores spanning over sixty years joined the new team of Flag Officers for the inaugural meeting of the Commodores Club.

They were welcomed by Alan Birch, Club President, and Jan Kimber, Mark McKeever and Andrew Prosser gave an overview of some of the challenges and changes over the past four to five years and plans for the future.

The aim of the Commodores’ Club is three-fold:

  • To say ’thank you’ to people who have given a lot to the Club and a chance to socialise with old friends.
  • To inform them about the Club’s plans for the coming year and beyond and talk about things they feel are important at the Club.
  • To gain their advice and support, as ex-Commodores, for some of the things the Club is doing.

There was a lively and interesting discussion comparing some of the challenges in previous years with what the Club faces today. There was strong support for the concept of the Commodores’ Club and hopefully the informal group will be a valuable resource for the Club to tap into in the future.

Mark presented everyone with a MSC lapel badge that will be given to all in-coming Flag Officers in the future.

Special thanks to Chris Homer, who managed to beat the traffic and helped prepare the buffet.

Jan Kimber said,

“There have been lots of challenges and changes over the last four to five years, but the direction of travel feels right. However, it’s important to retain some of the traditional elements of Midland Sailing Club and maybe even create some new ones.’’